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Notice to our fare paying customers:

Community Transit's first fare increase in five years will take effect on Sunday, April 15, 2018. The changes were approved by the PA Public Utility Commission on January 21, 2018.

As a non-profit, fare revenues help fund Community Transit's Operating Budget, which provides for the everyday expenses of running the system, such as labor, fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Community Transit is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to increase the mobility and independence of the senior, disabled and other qualified residents of Delaware County.

Current Fares Effective 04/15/2018
Distance Range Full Fare 15% Full Fare 15%
0-2.99 mi $26.00 $3.90 $28.10 $4.25
3-5.99 mi $34.00 $5.10 $36.75 $5.55
6-9.99 mi $43.00 $6.45 $46.45 $7.00
10-13.99 mi $54.00 $8.10 $58.35 $8.75
14-16.99 mi $61.00 $9.15 $65.90 $9.90
17-Unlimited mi $76.00 $11.40 $82.10 $12.35
Escorts will pay a minimum $5.00 fee for travel within Delaware County or $10.00 into or out of surrounding counties, or the client co-pay if it exceeds the minimum.

At this time, we are accepting applications for drivers.
Check see our Employment Opportunities page for more information and to see if you quality.

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