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We are seeking proposals for Fuel Purchasing. Please review our Request of Proposal.

You won't see Community Transit's newest vehicle at the gas pump or in for an oil change anytime soon. That's because the new car is not equipped with a gas tank, engine, spark plugs, muffler or tailpipe. The vehicle is a zero-emission 2013 Tesla Model S that runs purely on batteries and is recharged by simply plugging in to a standard 110V outlet. Community Transit is running a pilot program to see what efficiencies can be gained through utilizing an electric vehicle in their daily passenger service.

Fleet Manager Tom White says that, "Community Transit vehicles travel thousands of miles on the road per year, and we are always looking at ways in which our non-profit organization can save money. This vehicle should pay for itself within two years, and an added benefit is that we are able to lessen our impact on the environment."

The cost to recharge an electric vehicle depends on the cost of electricity, the car's fuel efficiency and the number of miles driven in a month. Current estimates show that Community Transit will pay $750 per year to power this vehicle vs. an approximate $60 per day in gasoline.

Community Transit is the first shared ride transportation coordinator in the region to begin utilizing electric vehicles. Passengers who have ridden in the Tesla so far have commented on how quiet the ride is, because there is no engine noise.

At this time, we are accepting applications for drivers.
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