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Happy World Smile day! 

How appropriate that we celebrate Community Transit Employee Appreciation Day, too. Our employees, from drivers, customer service representatives and dispatchers, to the fleet department and administrative staff work tirelessly to serve the residents of Delaware County providing over 2,000 trips a day. Drivers, dispatchers, supervisors and fleet personnel are hard at work when much of the community is still sleeping... Drivers and Fleet personnel are out in all kinds of weather, working to make sure that our buses exceed requirements to make them safe, clean and ready for service... Customer service representatives spend their days on the phone doing their best to offer a friendly voice, a personal connection and accurate information to each and every consumer while call after call comes in almost nonstop... Our accounting department is a "quiet tornado" of activity where they reconcile the information from hundreds of trips each day for accuracy... Our human resources, training and safety departments do an excellent job of making sure our drivers are a highly qualified, safety-focused, elite group... Management is on call 24-7 addressing concerns, adapting to ever changing regulations, assuring safety and creatively working to spread limited funding as far as it will go. 

We are proud to work together as a team, focused on serving the residents of Delaware County. We've been doing it for over 30 years and we earnestly hope that we continue to improve and grow as the needs of the community change.